Claiming The Heart



Hearts Unbound – August, 2013

When Pia Carranza’s father sends for her and her sister to at last join him in Idaho, where he has prospered herding sheep, hardworking Pia imagines that she, too, will build a new life in this land of possibility. But Sabin Carranza has plans for his daughters—marriage plans, with mates already chosen from the tight-knit group of Basque men who work the sheep range.

Forever in his arms . . .

Boise physician Bart Wilson tends to those others won’t—including the town’s aloof Basque community, where he feels more at home than with his own critical father. When the restless, hard-drinking ladies’ man notices Pia, Bart knows the exquisite newcomer is off-limits; though her fluent English and dazzling beauty leave him stunned, it is Basque custom to marry inside the culture. But the trials of life on the range—long miles, lonely isolation, physical danger—soon pull Bart and Pia into a forbidden love that calls them to listen only to their hearts.

Hearts Unbound is not your typical Eastern lady-meets-frontier-doctor Western: the heroine is Basque. I recommend the book for its interesting perspective on a relatively unexplored corner of US History. If you’re looking to be transported somewhere unusual, and if you enjoy family/culture conflict, Hearts Unbound will be a solid read for you.—All About Romance